Go-to-Market Plan

Prepared by: Lee Nau (



This Go-to-Market plan covers the Internationalization Product Plan, which seeks to implement a multi-phase strategy for globalizing's course offerings. The phases are as follows:

  1. Spanish:

  2. French, German, Italian, and Portuguese:

  3. Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and Malay

  4. Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, and Swedish

  5. Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese


International offerings will be made available to all subscribers (monthly, premium, and groups/institutions) without additional fee or cost. Course initiation and completion will be key metrics in the short term, as well as conversions via marketing channels in identified target markets (above).

Place: international will be available on and mobile applications. iOS and Android applications will be updated via their respective app stores.



Market Target

This product is targeted at new and existing users at all levels, whose prefered language is not English.

Messaging for Key Personas

  1. Lara, 22, administrative assistant, lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She studied English in school, but would prefer content in Portuguese. User Goal: Learn video production so she can post her videos in YouTube. She would prefer content in Portuguese, her native language.
  2. Estelle, 39, travel agent and aspiring singer-songwriter, lives in Nantes, France. She doesn't speak English very well and would be grateful for courses in, or subtitled in, French. User Goal: Learn audio production and recording techniques, so she can finish her album herself and embark on her music career. She would prefer content in French, her native language.
  3. Alberto, 20, computer science student at the University of Trieste in Italy. While there are many good Rails courses in English, most of them are not subtitled in Italian. User Goal: Learn Ruby on Rails for a school project. He would prefer content in Italian, his native language.
  4. Wen, 32, software engineer at a large corporation in Taipei. User Goal: Learn functional programming for his job as a software engineer. He would prefer content in Mandarin, his native language.

GTM Planning


  1. Internal: