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I attended Product School in the fall of 2015 to learn Product Management. During this course, we were required to select a company or project in alignment with our interests, passions, talents, and skills. I chose to focus on internationalizing


I've been using and Lynda's products off and on for more than 15 years. I've been a continuous subscriber out of my own pocket for six. Here are a few of the things I've studied over the years on




Soft Skills

Why I Want to Do This is a critically important learning resource and useful, both in self-teaching contexts and educational contexts. Now, with the acquisition by LinkedIn, can leverage LinkedIn's massive global reach to educate people around the world in things that are practicably applicable immediately.

I've done internationalization on the web in more than 20 languages at a variety of companies, including Apple, Remedy, BMC Software, Cloudmark, and SurveyMonkey. With my experience in internationalization and my passion for bringing a great experience to the customer, I'd be able to make a huge impact on's international user base and help grow LinkedIn's educational technology market share.


Many of these documents have feedback from instructors at Product School, but many of the assumptions here are my own, without internal access to Lynda's numbers or those of LinkedIn.